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Who are we?

Who are we?

Prebox is your best partner in logistics. For years, we have been providing full-stack fulfillment services, targeting the e-commerce industry. We translate the experience we’ve gained into top-quality, automated solutions, so you can be sure you’re putting the logistics of your business in good hands. Prebox is made up of a team of professionals so that you can focus on developing your own business.
We aim to optimize logistics operations and take over all processes from our customers in this area. Thanks to proprietary solutions, advanced analytics, a team of specialists and experience in the industry, we are able to noticeably increase the deliverability of shipments, simplify the logistics process to the maximum and manage the complete supply chain, taking full responsibility off customers. Using advanced predictive models and scoring, we efficiently deliver shipments throughout Europe.

What makes us
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The highest quality of service and effective performance is guaranteed by Prebox's professionals, who hold years of experience and specialistic knowledge. It is them who look after each cooperation stage and take responsibility for the results.


Experience and specialistic knowledge combined with modern technology bring the best results. Therefore, we base all of our services on original technologies, created on the basis of scientific achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.


Efficient ordering processing is made possible by advanced automation of intelligent technologies and system integration. Thanks to them, we are able to process and analyze thousands of data, and  consequently, optimize the logistics process, automate order processing and control, as well as increase the deliverability of shipments.

All-in-one solutions

Outsourcing the entire logistics process is the option that guarantees the greatest convenience. That's why we offer taking over all the activities, starting from picking up the goods from warehouse or directly from suppliers, through managing the supply chain, preparing the product for shipment and transportation, to settling all taxes and fees.

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